Silicone Sports Watch
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Silicone Sports Watch – Pink

Photo Credits: Silicone Sports Watch is a trendy and feminine pink watch. It is made of Eco friendly Silicone rubber and is ionized. What does this mean to you? Today, pollution and stress has taken a toll on everybody’s lives. Stress is a chief culprit of life threatening conditions including hypertension and cardiac problems….

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Ice Glass Shot Maker

Summer is here and many of us need extra help in order to keep up with the hot weather. And what better remedy for that, than let’s say, frozen shots. The amazing Ice Glass Shot Maker is perfect for a summer party because you can create interesting mixtures which you can further on serve as…


E.ON Talking Energy Live

Energy is in everything around us and without energy we can’t do anything. “E.ON Talking Energy Live is a series of roadshows in the West Midlands, giving local people the chance to talk about the energy issues that matter to them.”