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CyberJam 3G Android Smartphone Is Here

Have you decided that is time to buy yourself a new phone and you are wondering which one is better for you? Well, think no more:  CyberJam 3G Android Smartphone is here to make your days a lot brighter. With…Continue Reading →

Light a Fire With Fire Stash!

                    Fire is probably one of the best inventions ever (besides electricity, of course). Having a lighter or a box of matches can be very helpful especially when you want to…Continue Reading →

eReader + tablet + laptop = Flexbook

Flexbook is a concept developed by Taiwanese designer Hao-Chun Huang that participated at „Fujitsu Design Award 2011: A life with future computing”, organized by Design Boom in collaboration with Fujitsu. And I really, really, really want to see it made….Continue Reading →

Hybrid Furniture, by Paul Kweton

Paul Kweton is a designer who successfully manipulates wood, turning it into modern furniture. Its piece, Hybrid Furniture is a mixture of an old school rocking chair and a dog house. Weirdly enough, the result actually looks great. Made from…Continue Reading →

Control your smartphone with a ring-Ringbow

Designed by some Israeli guys, Efrat Barit and Saar Shai, the Ringbow may very well become the ultimate accessory for our smartphones. It definitely changes the way we can interact with touch-screens, hand-gestures recognition devices and augmented reality. The Ringbow…Continue Reading →