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ML12 Bluetooth Headset: Fabulous and Practical!

The smartphones have made our lives much easier, but it is important to evolve and accept things that can make our lives even easier. Is it possible? Well, you tell me! The ML12 Bluetooth Headset from Plantronics is the best…Continue Reading →

Design Concept: A solar powered laptop – Lifebook Leaf

The Lifebook Leaf has been designed by Americans Laura Karnath and Carl Burdick. They have participated with this design concept and won the Fujitsu Design Award for „a life with future computing”. While it has a Matrix feel to it,…Continue Reading →

Control your smartphone with a ring-Ringbow

Designed by some Israeli guys, Efrat Barit and Saar Shai, the Ringbow may very well become the ultimate accessory for our smartphones. It definitely changes the way we can interact with touch-screens, hand-gestures recognition devices and augmented reality. The Ringbow…Continue Reading →