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Be Eco With the Solar Powered Car!

I think about the time when I will have my own kids and I wonder about the way in which I will educate them. Surely I will try to teach him/her about responsibility and also about the best way to…Continue Reading →

Cute Hello Kitty Lantern

Old habits die hard! What would you do during the night, when you have to go to the bathroom or just take a short trip to the fridge ? All that darkness surrounding you, remembering every horror movie that you’ve…Continue Reading →

Striiv: The Pedometer that Saves Lives!

Helping yourself and helping others is the best combination possible. And now with the new Striiv you can do both without too much trouble. This is a device that will act as your personal training instructor, challenging you every step of…Continue Reading →

The Cool Glowing Digital Clock

Where do you find a good clock when you need it? Right here! The new LCD Glowing Digital Clock is simply awesome. Besides the fact that it has a 2,7″ LCD display, this cool gadget includes a glowing LED powered…Continue Reading →