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The new iPad 3 spotted at CES

No rumor should go unchecked, so this one right here, had no chance to be ignored: the new iPad was spotted at CES, this exact week. According to iLounge, the new iPad is almost identical to iPad 2, but the only…Continue Reading →

Get cool with Razer TRON Gaming Mouse

Following the success of TRON: Legacy (Daft Punk was probably the best thing that happened to that movie… and Olivia Wilde), some guys designed the Razer TRON Gaming Mouse to make your gaming experience a little more dynamic. The Razer…Continue Reading →

Customize your Book Side Table

Purchase this Custom Stacked Book Side Table to list your favorite books out in the open. And maybe you can impress a few guests during this process. The designer says the table is completely customizable. Just tell him the books…Continue Reading →

The Blackberry PlayBook Release

Research In Motion (RIM) has released the Blackberry PlayBook to compete with Apple’s iPad and other Android based tablets. Things heat up in the hi-tech world. The ultra-thin and portable Blackberry PlayBook features a 7-inch LCD, 1Ghz Dual Core processor,…Continue Reading →

HTC Sensation to be Released in May

The HTC Company will release its latest product, HTC Sensation, this May. We’re dying to see what they have installed for us. The new smartphone has a Qualcomm MSM 8260 processor with 1.2Ghz dual-core, 1Gb capacity of internal phone memory,…Continue Reading →

Acer Introduces Iconia -Best Gadget of 2011

Acer builds the next block in computer-technology through Iconia, a laptop with dual screens and a full touch interface. Iconia offers a completely new interaction with entertainment. You can view a video on the upper screen while browsing your multimedia…Continue Reading →

How to Intelligently Buy a Sport Car

Men’s weaknesses (and a few women’s): women and cars. The fact that all guys love a beautiful fast car is an understatement. But not everyone knows how to smartly purchase a sport car. In the beginning, establish an affordable budget…Continue Reading →

Cool and expensive Emporer office chair

I know it sounds crazy for an office chair to be such expensive as $39,950 for the Windows version and another $2,000 for the Mac version, but I think its design make it worth. The Emporer office chair was designed…Continue Reading →