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Awesome Android 4.0 Tablet!

From what I have seen, tablets are really fashionable nowadays, so maybe you should take a look at the following item that promises a lot! But let´s start with the beginning. This gadget is a 7013 model, operating on an…Continue Reading →

Amazing Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

Do you remember the days when, instead of the small gadgets that improve our life we had to deal with those big, ugly boxes that made information travel? The evolution of the computer is truly fascinating, so now when we…Continue Reading →

Elegance and style with the Curve Wireless Handset

Taking into consideration that we spend half of our lives in the car, there is no surprise that we want to create a comfortable atmosphere which can relax and help us. The MM03i Curve Wireless Handset is an interesting gadget…Continue Reading →

The Latest Nokia Release is True Gold

Shiny things always attract,  so it is no surprise that the C3-01 Gold Edition S40 from Nokia is such a big success. This  18-carat Gold-plated phone is fully equipped with  Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 2.4 inch touchscreen, a 5 MP camera…Continue Reading →

Nokia N8 turns pink

Following the white iPhone 4 frenzy that took place recently, Nokia has decided to try on a new color for the N8 that may increase the sales. Girls will definitely choose it to match their small pink outfits, pink purses…Continue Reading →

Nokia’s Latest Design Concept: Nenya Ring

Nokia is working on a way for you to access your phone calls through a high-tech ring (Lord of the Rings much?). I’m pretty sure those Finnish wonder-boys loved dressing up as Frodo and Gollum. Easily accessible, discreet, wireless and…Continue Reading →