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Super DeskPets Green Robotic Tank

Super DeskPets Green Robotic Tank is the cutest toy for you to buy. I’ve purchased this amazing, sweet and joyful toy from and this was the greatest deal of my life. I love it! Robotic Tank works with iPod…Continue Reading →

Google Reinvents the TechnoGlasses!

I thought I have seen a lot of things in this life, but apparently, I was wrong. The latest gadget invented by the guys at Google will definitely surprise you. Google´s Project Glasses are the ultimate style in technology since…Continue Reading →

Gift Ideas For Mother´s Day!

For some parts of our world, Mother´s Day is right around the corner, so we´d better get started with all the present search. Although they say that you can never repay a mother for what she has done, you can…Continue Reading →

The First Smartphone In the World With Intel Medfield

Everything has a first, right? The same thing applies for the  Xolo X900, which is the first  phone to be working based on the Intel Medfield platform, surpassing great companies like Lenovo or Orange. This great phone features  a 1.6…Continue Reading →

Kurio, the Android for kids!

  One more for the kids! Kurio, the Android tablet for children is the proof that we are one step closer to competing with our kids in terms of gadgets and intricate devices. The best thing about this tablet is…Continue Reading →

LG Optimus 3D Short Review

Having a phone which can do multiple tasks is good, but having a phone that does this and looks cool, is awesome. The new idea of LG Optimus 3D is based on an attractive design (a glass-free 3D display and…Continue Reading →

The Blackberry PlayBook Release

Research In Motion (RIM) has released the Blackberry PlayBook to compete with Apple’s iPad and other Android based tablets. Things heat up in the hi-tech world. The ultra-thin and portable Blackberry PlayBook features a 7-inch LCD, 1Ghz Dual Core processor,…Continue Reading →

HTC Sensation to be Released in May

The HTC Company will release its latest product, HTC Sensation, this May. We’re dying to see what they have installed for us. The new smartphone has a Qualcomm MSM 8260 processor with 1.2Ghz dual-core, 1Gb capacity of internal phone memory,…Continue Reading →