Super DeskPets Green Robotic Tank


Super DeskPets Green Robotic Tank
is the cutest toy for you to buy. I’ve purchased this amazing, sweet and joyful toy from and this was the greatest deal of my life. I love it! Robotic Tank works with iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, being one the sweetest gadget from all iPhone accessories. It also works with most Android phones.

Tankbot can drive with no problem on any environment without constantly bumping into things. It has three different control modes: first is the touchless navigation mode, where Tankbot will drive around avoiding objects or even navigating mazes, second mode lets Tankbot roam freely, where it wants with cool lights and funny sounds and the last mode utilises the iDeskPet Universal Remote to let you manually control Tankbot from your phone.
I’ve convinced you to buy this sweet accessory? I hope so!

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