Scientists say: Wi-Fi radiation can cause serious damage!

Righteous men guard your semen! But not under the laptop or any source of radiation.

All jokes aside, Argentinean scientists have managed to prove that the Electromagnetic radiations generated during the wireless communication can harm the sperm of a man, killing more than half of its „swimmers”.

The test was pretty simple: they took samples from 29 men and placed a part of them under laptops connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. After only 4 hours, more than 10 percent suffered DNA changes while a quarter of the semen stopped swimming.

Pretty shocking and very alarming. Urologists say that this is one of the main causes of infertility in the US, where in most of the cases, the men represent the problem.

This is not to stress you even more, guys, but you should really pay more attention to the way in which you use your laptops!