Samsung 27-inch SyncMaster P2770HD HDTV monitor

Samsung has just officially launched a / HDTV 27-inch monitor named SyncMaster P2770HD. It allows users to enjoy the features of a normal TV, because of the TV tuner built-in, but also available for playback full HD movies on your PC.

SyncMaster P2770HD
Samsung 27-inch SyncMaster P2770HD HDTV monitor

The product comes with a Touch of Color design, a transparent support, full HD resolution, an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a dynamic ratio of 50000:1. In addition, the monitor has a response time of 2 ms, incorporating an HDMI port; use the Picture in Picture function, integrated speakers, support Dolby and low consumption.

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  1. This monitor is not feature rich, but it is affordable, has good quality and has the „back to basics” appeal. If you are a hold out with the old CRT and didn’t want to spend much money on an LCD, this would be a perfectly fine option.

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