Roar, Roar….NeoGeo X signed by SNK

Having a boyfriend is no piece of cake, but having a boyfriend with a birthday coming is even harder. What are you going to get him? Besides the birthday sex, which due to Jeremiah’s song, has now become compulsory on birthdays.

Although, I know you are creative, I might have a suggestion for you: NeoGeo X, signed by Blaze and SNK. This deadly combination brings us over 20 licensed games, like Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters ’94.

And in addition to that, the NeoGeo X will also feature an SD card slot, a 3.5-inch LCD screen, A/V output, internal stereo speakers, and a headphone socket.

Rumors say that it might cost around $800, although the officials say that the price won’t be that high (yes, it will probably be lower, like $799) and it will be releases in the second quarter of the year.

So, if you like it, I suggest you hurry up, because this is a Limited Edition!


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