Gadget News

Firefox Goes Mobile With New Design

Mozilla challenge its fans in a contest involving a new official emblem for the mobile version of Firefox browser. The winner was „Pocketfox” with the logo that you can admire in the image, simple and innovative creation of Yaroslaff Chekunov. The new logo is a pocket and can be seen leaving the tail famous golden…

Phone Gadgets

HTC Droid Eris at $ 99

HTC Droid Eris is the Android new terminal for American operator Verizon that is on sale today at a price of 99 dollars with a 2 years subscription. As you can see, this phone looks pretty much as the HTC Hero, with which is related. Droid Eris operating system combined with HTC Sense interface allows…


1 GB USB Stick Pen

A particularly useful functional gadget that perform the function of data storage. Although the gadget looks like a pen that can be normal, I can’t deny that the attractive design is remarkable, especially through its internal functions of 1GB. 1 GB USB Stick Pen

Sport Gadgets

Nike+ SportBand

Nike+ SportBand The newest member of the product range exclusively devoted to Sport people is Nike+ SportBand, which displays on the screen but also stores data recorded while running. The accessory created by Nike is resistant to dust and water, which means it can be used in rainy weather and data while running can be…