Olympus E-P2 camera reveals its specifications

British Journal of Photography is too savvy not to keep secrets, since it escaped details about the Nikon D3s some time ago, and now provides early information about the new Olympus E-P2. Thus, we find that the device comes with a 12 mega pixel sensor, supports 720p video recording at 30fps and manual focus in video mode.
Also, the new Olympus comes with auto focus tracking, climb a mobile electronic (800 x 600), an optional adapter for microphone and new ways of imaging. E-P2 is not very different from its predecessor; the big difference is the port for accessories, which supports much more than an EVF and a microphone.

olympus e-p2
Olympus E-P2 camera

Here are the main specifications:
• 12MP
• 720p video at 30fps
• Manual focus and aperture control in video mode (awesome)
• AF tracking (focus lock for moving objects, handy)
• Tiltable electronic viewfinder (800×600, looks nice)
• Optional microphone adapter for better sound (very good)
• Some new image modes
The price of this device is approximately 1,400 dollars, probably including a package and a lens and EVF.