Nokia is delivering N900 Maemo

Reuters informs us that Nokia has begun delivering much-awaited high-end model N900, a terminal that can easily compete with the iPhone or BlackBerry.
Finland company’s CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo said recently that Nokia will begin the delivery of the handset, as the producer kept the word of the first terminal based on Maemo platform.

Nokia N900 Maemo

The headset is based on Linux and promises to grow in coming years to be the main producer of mobile OS’s, probably in exchange of Symbian.
Meanwhile, we learn that Nokia keeps a relatively high market share, close to 40%, but loss-making giant market high-end models.

Nokia N900 Maemo

These products are important to Finland, particularly now that the average price of these terminals is decreasing even faster than analysts predicted. Will N900 Nokia bring success? We have to wait and see.

Nokia N900 Maemo