New iPhone 5 Is Coming to Town!

We have been delighted with their appearances each year and we have enjoyed their thin bodies and multiple functions, but now is time to move to another level.

Is coming, is coming, is here have no fear: It is the iPhone 5 which will surprise our senses once again. How will it be different? Well, let´s see.

It might have a quad core processor, and a larger body, without unwanted ¨fattening¨ but with a slightly larger screen, like 4″ instead of the current 3.5″ with a 16:9 HDTV-style aspect ratio . In addition to this you can also expect an enhanced iCloud service, cameras with a higher resolution and dual flash, face recognition, and an iTunes wireless sync.

This baby is expected to go out towards the end of the year (September or October).

What do you think about it?