Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Review

Could this product BE more awesome than this?

I am sure you all „Friends'” fans know what I am talking about, but coming back to the original purpose of this article, I am presenting the amazing Mini Bluetooth Keyboard. Qwertz style of course. Would not take it any other way, right?

This great gadget is in fact a Bluetooth keyboard, perfect as an alternative for your phone’s keyboard. With a light figure (11 cm and 50g), Mini features a built-in rechargeable battery, that can be charged through USB.


The best thing of all is that it is compatible with a whole bunch of systems like iOS4 for Apple, iPod and iPad, Playstation 3 or Symbian 60, PC and Mac for Nokia. Not to mention Windows and Mac which give you an easier control over your keyboard and computer.

It comes with a USB cable and an installation CD. You can buy the Mini Bluetooth Keyboard from along with other iPad 3 accessories.

All you need to be happy!

Do you you want to know why I’ve purchased this amazing mini Bluetooth keyboard? Well, because it is an ultra-portable full QWERTZ keyboard, has an built-in rechargeable battery, dedicated multimedia hot-keys and it is compatible with a variety of operating systems including iOS.