Microsoft Project Natal will cost only 80 dollars?

Rumor of the day comes from the world of Microsoft and is one that hardcore gamers will enjoy: it seems that the new controller based on motion sensors and cameras, the name Natal Project will cost just 80 dollars. He is going to be released next year in November and is compatible with the famous Xbox 360.
It should be noted that this technology has won the big prize on the show E3 this year, surprising the audience and experts and making or Nintendo and the Wii to tremble slightly. The system is very much potential, being able to change the way we play sports titles, FPS, and even puzzles.

Involvement gamers to experience the game becomes much larger than the Wii and even offered accessory than camera’s PlayStation 3. Rumor pricing above has one surprising aspect: that the product will come with 14 games package. To understand that Microsoft wants to capture the public’s Nintendo Wii during Christmas 2010?