Internet Explorer loses browsers market share – Chrome, Safari and Opera beat records

In the last quarter, browsers as Chrome, Opera and Safari have set market share records in browsers segment. So, we know that Safari has reached a rate of 4.46%, while Chrome has 4.63% of this market and Opera 2.4%.
All this in Microsoft Internet Explorer’s expense…
The browser from Microsoft still remains in first place with 62.69%, followed by Firefox with 24.61%, while Chrome ranks 3 for the first time beating Safari, which has descended from the podium in 4th place. Interestingly, Internet Explorer lost about 0.92% of monthly browser market, with rivals so appreciated by the public.


Those from Computer World say that we could see a drastic fall of this percentage, even up to 50% and that until May this year. While salvation may come from Internet Explorer 9 (which is rumored GPU acceleration) that would support HTML 5, we learn that at this moment 21% of web users based on IE 6 for browsing. I have to be honest to you, I don’t use IE, either; I prefer Google Chrome.