I love this smart alarm clock

Photo of the Lenovo Smart Clock 2

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is cute and humble. photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

If you’re like me, you probably still use an alarm clock to get you up even when your smartphone is charging next to your bed. The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 might not be as iconic as the vintage Sony Dream Machine from the late 80s, but it’s just as effective for getting me up in the morning. It also provides access to the Google Assistant, so it’s the last device I talk to before I fall asleep.

I slept next to the original Lenovo Smart Clock since it premiered in 2019. I’ve always preferred it to waking up with a smartphone, and I like that it has a smaller footprint than a traditional smart display. The $ 70 Lenovo Smart Clock 2 enhances the experience with a less bulky design and optional wireless charging cables, although it takes the charging port away from the base price. You will have to pay an additional $ 20 to bring this charging port back as it is part of the wireless charging base which adds up to the total cost $ 90.

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 isn’t ridiculously expensive, But it’s priced enough to reconsider when you find that the entire package – including wireless charging – costs almost as much as the 7-inch Nest Hub. When you just want to start the day with the Google Assistant, the $ 50 Lenovo Smart Clock Essentials could be more your speed.

Same fabric, smaller body

On its own, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is a stylish little accessory for your bedside table. This version of the clock fits my small table much better than the previous generation. Lenovo trimmed the sides so that it is taller rather than wider than the last so it takes up a little less space. There is also a 5-Foot long Cable that is long enough to run behind the bed, although the adter still takes up a lot of space on a power strip.

Unfortunately, Lenovo removed the USB-A charging port on the back to slim down the watch’s profile. Instead, Lenovo has integrated the USB port into the charging dock accessories.

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 comes in three colors including Shadow Black, Heather Gray, and Abyss Blue, which Lenovo sent me for review. However, I would like smart home manufacturers to take a breather from the non-removable fabric covers because they are difficult to keep clean, even if they look nice.

A photo of the Smart Clock 2

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 fits into any bedroom background. photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

The main reason for the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is the 4-inch display, which is big enough to show the time from across the room. The touchscreen feels more responsive this time because I was able to tap the tiny alarm icon in the right corner more easily than on the previous one. The screen is small, however, and even if you wanted to, you couldn’t use it for video other than checking the feed from a Nest security camera on your home network. There is a digital photo frame feature for viewing Google Photos albums, but I mainly used the Smart Clock 2 for its clock function. I like the home screen which has the weather forecast for the day and a mention of upcoming calendar events.

You can stream audio to the Smart Clock 2 from a mobile device or a Chrome browser. Inside are a pair of 1.5-inch, 3-watt front-firing drivers that, while sounding great for podcasts and Google Assistant responses, are best for soft music rather than loud, bass-heavy melodies .

Simple little smart watch

As mentioned earlier, while the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 has a touch screen that plays photo movies, it is not a smart display. The Smart Clock 2 will not make video calls even though you are making a Voice call through Google Duo.

The clock Has built the Google Assistant in, and you can order it with the same sentences as any google intelligent speaker. The Smart Clock 2 can also broadcast video content to other screens in a room if you set it up beforehand via Google Home p, and it can run a routine when it wakes you up in the morning. I use the Smart Clock 2 to manually turn off the lights every night. It’s also my timer when I get ready to leave the house. And combined in a home group with which the Google Assistant can wirelessly connect different devices, the Smart Clock 2 can be a increase your room ambience.

A photo of the night light function of the Smart Clock 2

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 has a nifty little night light function that illuminates the display so that you can also find support in the dark. photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

The user interface of the Smart Clock 2 is as simple as the last version. The main screen shows the time, while a swipe down reveals shortcuts to access alarms, a timer, and a night light feature that illuminates the screen. Swiping up on the main screen will bring up a quick settings menu with a button for things like display brightness and do not disturb. If you set up a standard music service via Google Home p, you can play music directly on the smart clock without scrolling through your smartphone. And you can organize and tweak the various alarms from the Google Home p instead of scrolling through the tiny screen.

It can charge things

the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is available with an optional wireless charging station, but costs up to $ 90. The base increases the footprint of the device by about five centimeters so that it can become something overfilled if you have a small bedside table. The base has an additional night light, which I hardly used because I already have an adjustable lamp on my bed. Lenovo has also moved the USB port to the rear the base so you can plug in a smartwatch charger or whatever you need to juice overnight.

I liked the usefulness of the Smart Clock 2’s wireless charging base. It’s helpful for charging a Qi-compatible device, be it a smartphone or a pair of earbuds. But it was difficult to use, and if you have a slippery phone, you might wake up and find a device that wasn’t charging. You need to place the accessory precisely on the contact point and wait for the light to flash before it charges successfully.

The charging station of the Smart Clock 2 is also superfluous in my special application. It doesn’t technically deliver the full charging speed of phones like that OnePlus 9. I already have the 50 watt OnePlus stand-alone charger that juices up the phone Speed, but when I used both at the same time it took up so much space on my bedside table that I hated it. Lenovo likely made this option knowing that people would want to use their own fast charging chips.

A photo of the Lenovo Smart Clock on the base

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is a nice little bedside companion – when you think you need it. photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

Overall, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 hardly differs from its predecessor. If anything, it feels like a first generation overhaul, except this time the USB has been taken away Charging station. This decision saved some space in the overall design of the device, but makes it hard to swallow the $ 70 price tag for a niche alarm clock.

At least the Smart Clock 2 is a unique device if you are specifically looking for a Google Assistant Alarm clock. On the Alexa side, Amazon ditched the Echo Spot in favor of the $ 60 consolidated Echo Dot with clock, even though it only displays numbers and doesn’t have a screen. Amazon’s bigger offering is the $ 85 5-inch Echo Show 5 – though I’ve seen it for just $ 55 – and it has a camera.

I still like having my own alarm clock. The fact that it’s built into my smart home controls, which I rely heavily on to achieve the sleeping environment I want, gives it the space it needs on my tiny bedside table. But if you can’t handle the price, then wait for the Smart Clock 2 to get a discount. Or you can always watch the cheers Lenovo Smart Clock Essential (or use your phone).