Google Reinvents the TechnoGlasses!

I thought I have seen a lot of things in this life, but apparently, I was wrong. The latest gadget invented by the guys at Google will definitely surprise you.

Google´s Project Glasses are the ultimate style in technology since they can bring the benefits of the virtual world, right in front of you, while you are waiting for the bus to come. They are cool, sleek, and full of generous applications.

You can access maps, send and receive messages via voice command, take pictures (Android 3 and 4 G connection) and practically connect to everything.

The funny thing about them is that they require some head tilting and nodding in order to scroll and click, so it would probably create some cute pictures for those who will wear them. And, don´t tell anyone, but I heard something about some similar lens being under development. Oh my God!!!!

No word on the price yet, but the product is expected to appear on the markets at the end of this year.

Can´t wait to see this!