Gadgets That You Should Have On Your Radar

Amazon Kindle Perwhite

Amazon Kindle PerwhiteAmazon Kindle Perwhite

Gadgets Amazon has unveiled a brand new Kindle Perwhite. Compared to the three-year-old predecessor Perwhite, the new model has a larger display (from 6 ″ to 6.8 ″), which is also brighter and allows the color temperature to change (just like the Kindle Oasis). It now has a faster CPU, much longer battery life (up to 10 weeks on a single charge), and USB-C charging. Amazon has also introduced a „Signature Edition” for $ 50 of the new Perwhite, which features wireless Qi charging, more storage (32 GB vs. 8 GB) and a sensor that automatically changes the display brightness.

Price: $ 140

Microsoft Surface Ltop Studio

Microsoft Surface Ltop StudioMicrosoft Surface Ltop Studio

Microsoft’s Surface Ltop Studio is a completely new gadget. It’s practically a top-of-the-line version of Microsoft’s all-in-one desktop, Surface Studio, with a display that folds flat over the keyboard, making it easier for designers and artists to work. It is equipped with the latest processor from Intel and can be customized with NVIDIA’s premium gadgets graphics card.

The Microsoft Surface Ltop Studio will be available on October 5th.

Price: $ 1,600 +

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Microsoft Surface Pro 8Microsoft Surface Pro 8

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is the company’s latest „Pro” 2-in-1 gadget ltop that comes with a few new-age upgrades, including Intel’s latest 11th generation processor, a nearly borderless display running at 120 Hz Refresh rate and USB-C charging with support for Thunderbolt 4. There’s also a new pen, Slim Pen 2, with htic feedback so it feels more like writing / drawing (but it costs an additional $ 130) .

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 will be available on October 5th (the same release date as Windows 11).

Price: $ 1,100 +

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Microsoft Surface Duo 2Microsoft Surface Duo 2

The Surface Duo 2 Gadgets is the second generation folding phone with a hinge and a significant advancement. Microsoft updated the screens to make them bigger and better (now with a refresh rate of 90 Hz). There’s a tiny display on the outer hinge of Surface Duo 2 so you can view the clock and notifications without opening the phone. The rear view camera system has also been updated to be flagship quality with ultra wide, wide and telephoto lenses.

The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is available for pre-order now and will go on sale on October 21st.

Price: $ 1,500 +

HP Specter x360 16 Ltop

HP Specter x360 16 LtopHP Specter x360 16 Ltop

Gadgets In its Specter x360 series, HP has introduced its newest 2-in-1 Ltop. The Specter x360 16 is the first ltop in the range with a 16-inch display. It’s also the first with an OLED display that delivers a more attractive image with significantly better contrast. The new 16-inch variant has some other noticeable improvements, including Intel’s latest 11th generation chipsets, higher battery performance and a wide variety of ports (including Thunderbolt 4).

Price: $ 1,639 +

LCD-5. hear

Devices Audeze LCD 5Audeze LCD 5

Audeze is a California-based planar magnetic headphone manufacturer. The LCD-5 (which replaces the LCD-4 introduced in 2015) features a redesigned driver, new angled leather ear pads, and an improved carbon fiber headband and was unveiled this week. According to the manufacturer, the LCD-5 sets a new standard for precision in planar magnetic headphones. As you might expect, this “new standard” has a real audiophile premium.

Price: $ 4,500

Roku streaming stick 4K

Gadgets Roku Streaming Stick 4KRoku streaming stick 4K

Roku has unveiled a new $ 50 streaming stick that replaces the Streaming Stick Plus. The new Streaming Stick 4K has a faster CPU and now supports Dolby Vision HDR, which is now supported by most next-generation 4K TVs. The Streaming Stick 4K is connected to the HDMI port of your TV like previous streaming dongles and is compatible with the most important smart home ecosystems (Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and ple’s HomeKit). It also comes with voice control for Roku.

Price: $ 50

Pluggable Thunderbolt 4 hub

Gadgets Plugable Thunderbolt 4 HubPluggable Thunderbolt 4 hub

Plugable has introduced a new USB-C Ltop hub. It comes with a variety of useful ports and is compatible with several of the most popular USB-C standards today, including Thunderbolt 4. Thunderbolt 4 is characterized by faster data throughput (up to 40 Gbps), 60 watt power output, and Compatibility out for up to two 4K monitors (both via USB-C).

The “TBT4-HUB3C” hub, which is compatible with both Mac and Windows PCs, is now available.

Price: $ 189