Firefox Goes Mobile With New Design

Mozilla challenge its fans in a contest involving a new official emblem for the mobile version of Firefox browser. The winner was „Pocketfox” with the logo that you can admire in the image, simple and innovative creation of Yaroslaff Chekunov.
The new logo is a pocket and can be seen leaving the tail famous golden fox. This image will be used as the official symbol of the new Firefox mobile browser, as avatars on social networking sites on, on T-shirts and more. Yaroslaff is from the city Krasnodar, in Russia and said his wife inspired the new design by Firefox brand itself.

Pocketfox – Firefox mobile browser

Meanwhile, Mozilla released a new challenge, which involves creating a special design to commemorate 5 years of Firefox. The new symbol will be to show the company’s achievements and community size using the famous browser Firefox. The winner will have the chance to see and work on desktop wallpaper or shirts.