Farting Obama Doll!

The beauty of being an American citizen is that you can do many „innocent” things without being accused of murder or other weird crimes. For example, you can make fun of your president and not be dragged into court. Let’s face it, the same thing cannot be said about the North Korean regime where the population has to honor the leader.

And definitely not introduce on the market a puppet that farts. The Obama Farting Doll is guilty for all the laughs that we will have after acquiring this precious doll.

It measures 9″ in height, it comes with batteries and what is even more important it is capable of uttering 21 different funny remarks, while or after farting, of course. All these for only $19.95.

I am telling you, it is totally worth it to buy a friend that will not only keep you company, but also make you laugh with every word or ….sound.

Try it!

Source: www.coolest-gadgets.com

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