Detect cancer from your own home!

The best thing about the contemporary era is the fact that things are evolving so fast that we barely have time to adjust. But who is complaining when everything is so fast and easy?

The biggest advantage of science is that it has done wonders in the medical field and nowadays many cures have been discovered, helping thousands of people. The same goes for the Portable Breast Cancer Detector which is like having your personal doctor.

This device allows you to „measure” your breasts and display the results on an LCD screen. If that specific area is getting darker(a greater amount of blood cells has been absorbed there) then it means that you must immediately consult your doctor for detailed tests.

Although it is still in the lab where scientists do their best in order to improve it, we are hoping that this interesting device will  be  given to production soon enough.

What would we do without these devoted researchers?



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