Design Concept: A solar powered laptop – Lifebook Leaf

Lifebook Leaf The Lifebook Leaf has been designed by Americans Laura Karnath and Carl Burdick. They have participated with this design concept and won the Fujitsu Design Award for „a life with future computing”. While it has a Matrix feel to it, the laptop is actually a wonderful alternative to contemporary technology, offering a solution that dismisses regular power sources.

The Lifebook Leaf uses a single and flexible OLED touchscreen that you can flat out or fold into a notebook form. Because the exterior is covered in rubber, it is well protected against unpleasant events that lead to scratching. It’s also completely waterproof when shut. Featuring a small OLED panel on the back that shows charging data and notifications, along with a 4G module for integrating communication, 3 cameras that can shoot 3D images and allow depth sensing (for a gestural control). But the best thing about the Lifebook Leaf is that it can be charged by sunlight. It’s a beautiful way to make use of the latest technology while preserving nature.

Of course, this could be a concept that’s years ahead of its time. But hopefully, some day, the Lifebook Leaf will be a popular choice and maybe even inspire future, more advanced eco-friendly technologies.
Source: DesignBoom