Delicious Chocolate iPhones and iPads

Ok, don´t kill me but I think you are going to love this post so much. And believe me, it was no piece of cake writing it.

We all know gadgets are the most thoughtful and exciting gifts nowadays,so offering your girlfriend one of these will definitely get you a goodnight loving. But imagine if you will bring her the latest iPhone or iPad, made exclusively out of chocolate.

That night will definitely be extended to a week or more, depending on the size. Right? The size of the gadget shaped chocolate, kids!!

The Israeli handmade chocolate company, called Lia Chocolate brought them to their stores, and even included a pink iPhone, as a hint to Apple to take a look at the latest Samsung releases.

Besides gadgets you will also find here chess boards, pretzels, injections or the famous Angry Birds.

Don´t you already feel like going for a walk to the Lia Chocolate store?