Cool Dual USB Cigarette Car Charger

Are you always using USB Car Charger? Yes, I know you always charge your phone in the car. It’s easy to charge your phone if you forget to do this at home.


But what about a dual USB car charger? This is more than great, don’t you think?

The Dual USB Cigarette Car Charger can be used with Apple phones, tablets, and it is ready to charge even the largest devices. You can charghe two of your devices in the car at the same time. With the dual USB car charger for Apple devices you can easily ensure that 2 Apple devices are fully charged whilst you’re in the car.

I really think this is the greatest iPhone 5 car charger.

For maximum safety this USB Car Charger has a fuse fitted and circuit protection which will protect your vehicle and electronic devices. Found this amazing product on, along with other great gadgets!

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