Cool Black DeskPet TrekBot

I love toys and specially cool toys, so not a long time ago I’ve purchased and tested the Super DeskPets Green Robotic Tank, and it was amazing. Now I have another great toy, the Cool Black DeskPet TrekBot and it is perfect for having fun with friends and kids.


What I love more at the DeskPet TrekBot is that it has two ways of controlling it. You can control this amazing toy with it’s own five button palm-sized handheld controller or with a free downloadable App and a SmartPhone adapter, which is also included, which plugs into your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android Device.

My little daughter call it „the black spider” and loves to play with it! Buy it for you and your kids and you’ll see how impressed and happy they will be! I’ve bought it from, the right place for best mobile phone accessories.