Children vs. Cellphones

Have you even seen those tiny persons who hold a communication device in their small hands? Yes, those are our children. Is it ok for children to be having cellphones?

Children vs. Cellphones

I can honestly disapprove. And I won’t take that “well, I grew up without a cellphone and I turned out fine!” approach because it would seem a little hypocritical. But technology has a way of messing things up, even at an early age. I won’t disagree with a parent’s intentions – it’s all for the safety of our children (like having a cellphone in case of emergencies). But kids don’t really know how to appreciate this and they somehow turn it into a bad thing.

You see kids every day, aimlessly typing away their lives, transcending into the virtual world that social networks offer and finally breaking off all communication with reality. They don’t run around anymore and they don’t want to visit their friends. They just… type. And we all know how that can turn out (I distinctly remember a commercial or a car crash, caused by a teenage driver who was texting).

My conclusion: don’t give your child a cellphone until he’s old enough to earn it.

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