CES 2010 – Windows Mobile 6.5.3, caught in action (Video)

Editors from Phonescoop at CES 2010 have found a handset running Windows Mobile version 6.5.3, still unreleased. Here is the phone in action in the clip below, if you’re curious how it will look to update your WM 6.5:

CES 2010 – Windows Mobile 6.5.3, caught in action (Video)

It seems that the new OS running on a Toshiba TG01 smartphone, one of the first smartphones that have received updates from WM 6.1 to 6.5, few months ago. Clip above review all the functions of version 6.5.3, the new interface very user-friendly touch, until the virtual keyboard that comes with enhancements, or multimedia functions of the handset.

Windows Mobile 6.5.3

Scrolling through applications and functions is done quite easily, but we can still say that Microsoft has a long way to Android OS’s reliability and attractiveness of the iPhone OS. Windows Mobile 7 will be the answer?
Source: MobileCrunch

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