CES 2010 – NeoVue HD video streaming platform

Sigma Designs presented in Las Vegas at CES 2010 the NeoVue as a perfect competition for Intel. The NeoVue HD video streaming platform supports 1080p video and also the VGA projector standard with the USB dongle, all possible with the Coair wireless chipset. We couldn’t found anything regarding to the price or release date, but I think this info won’t stay too long unknown.

CES 2010 – NeoVue HD video streaming platform

Press Release:

“…The NeoVue platform includes both a transmitter with a USB dongle, based on Sigma’s Coair™ wireless chipset, and a receiver that connects to a HDTV via a HDMI connector or to a projector via VGA connector. The transmitter captures the display and audio of the multimedia being displayed, encodes the media and sends it to the NeoVue receiver wirelessly to display in full 1080p on a HDTV or projection display.

„As the notebook and netbook market continues to grow, along with the popularity of over-the-top content and internet applications, the consumer desire for an affordable solution that can transfer high definition quality content from a small display to a HDTV or HD projector grows right along with it,” said Hung Nguyen, general manager and vice president of Connected Home Technologies division at Sigma Designs. „Sigma’s NeoVue platform addresses this emerging market and enables consumers to enjoy their content on a TV with 1080p full HD without any wires in between and provides them the best-in-class wireless display-to-display technology.”

NeoVue uses standards based encoding (H.264/MPEG2) over standards based wireless link (ECMA-368 and ECMA-369 ISO recognized standard) with IP-based communication….”

Source: Engadget

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