USB Gadgets

Red CarBot App from DeskPets

All kids, and not only love red cars. I think because red cars make us think about Ferrari, fast and furious car! We all love fast cars and new gadgets. The DeskPets CarBot App Controlled Red Car is perfect if…Continue Reading →

Cool Black DeskPet TrekBot

I love toys and specially cool toys, so not a long time ago I’ve purchased and tested the Super DeskPets Green Robotic Tank, and it was amazing. Now I have another great toy, the Cool Black DeskPet TrekBot and it…Continue Reading →

Super USB Car Charger

Super USB Car Charger from Momax is perfect to charge your iPad or iPad 2 whilst you are in the car. How many of you have used the iPad until you run out of battery and you found that you…Continue Reading →

Super DeskPets Green Robotic Tank

Super DeskPets Green Robotic Tank is the cutest toy for you to buy. I’ve purchased this amazing, sweet and joyful toy from and this was the greatest deal of my life. I love it! Robotic Tank works with iPod…Continue Reading →

The USB Humping Dog To The Rescue!

USB gadgets have become indispensable to those who want to keep up with today’s technology. This is definitely something that makes our lives easier and helps move information around. But I have to admit that technology can appear in many…Continue Reading →

Amazing Portable USB Monitor

When traveling many gadgets that make our life easier at home or at the office, disappear because we don’t have the space or opportunity to carry them with us. Now, we can take a step forward in easing our life,…Continue Reading →