Top 10 Gadgets

Top 10 Gadgets!

The year 2011 has been a very good year, filled with emotions, happiness and what is more important, wonderful gadgets. That is right! Many gadgets have made their way into our lives, but some of them didn’t manage to be…Continue Reading →

Experience Motherhood with the Pregnancy Simulator

Being pregnant is definitely a „girl’s thing”, but sometimes we would wish that men know what we are dealing with. Thanks to a Japanese institute, called Kanagawa Institute of Technology everyone is now able to feel the „labors of pregnancy”….Continue Reading →

Top 10 Gadgets that will Outlast Mankind

The most wanted and shiny gadgets are usually the ones that break at the slightest bumps. Whether it’s your new smartphone with a very sensitive touch-pad or the very expensive laptop you’ve just bought, manufacturers have a way of making…Continue Reading →