Medicomp Hartmann- Hygienic swabs for general wounds

The Medicomp Hartmann which is supplied by the HartMann Group, a supplier of medical and health leathers is a non-woven swap that is used in the general treatment of wounds. It is 4-ply folded and is also available in bulk…Continue Reading →

Dashing Tokova Soulja Boy Edition Tablets!

The world is now ruled by fashion and style, so no one should be surprised by the following gadget. The tech company  Tokova has united with the rapper  Soulja Boy and now they are launching the Soulja Boy Edition tablets…Continue Reading →

Don’t Get Left Behind in the Digital Age

Don’t Get Left Behind in the Digital Age The modern day business environment is a constantly changing one, and any company that fails to embrace the technological advances is taking a major gamble. Remaining loyal to outdated methods of working…Continue Reading →


Chromebook – Google Chrome OS on Acer and Samsung

During the Google I/0 2011 conference, there was an announcement made about the Chromebook operating system. This term basically describes all notebooks that support the Chrome operating system. The two manufacturers featured are Acer and Samsung, announced by Sundar Pichai….Continue Reading →

An Inhaler Equipped with GPS for Asthmatics

Some doctors figured out how to upgrade inhalers for asthmatics by adding GPS system. It’s a good day when we learn that technology we use all the time for personal activities can be applied in medicine. Asthma is triggered by…Continue Reading →

The Future is Laptop

Laptops have become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing the awesome power of a PC to be carried around in a standard sized bag or case. In the last 18 months, many companies have been involved with the struggle to…Continue Reading →