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Your data is important. It doesn’t matter what you are working on, but you put time, effort and expertise into those things, and those things all equal money. But as good as technology is these days, devices do fail. And…Continue Reading →

Twitter ad products

Twitter’s advertisement items program prospective, however the company may not be in a position to turn it is system directly into a powerful indispensable appliance for marketers, mentioned Larry Chiagouris, a marketing and advertising professor at just Rate College in…Continue Reading →

Full Disk Encryption info

I do not know how many learned about the importance of Full Disk Encryption, but in this article I wish to inform the readers as well. Full Disk Encryption is extremely beneficial for protecting information, which is achieved by encrypting…Continue Reading →

Chromebook – Google Chrome OS on Acer and Samsung

During the Google I/0 2011 conference, there was an announcement made about the Chromebook operating system. This term basically describes all notebooks that support the Chrome operating system. The two manufacturers featured are Acer and Samsung, announced by Sundar Pichai….Continue Reading →

Windows 8 – A Quick Review

Microsoft has been working on a new version of Windows for some time now. The work-in-progress name is Windows 8 and there are some unconfirmed rumors about it. Apparently, Windows 8 has borrowed some elements from Windows Phone 7 and…Continue Reading →