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Photo essay

Groups of photographs that are set neatly to develop different stages of emotional views, the progression of events and concepts either as pure photographic works or the photos coupled with captions and comments are referred to as photo essay.  This…Continue Reading →

Canon EOS M: Size Does Not Matter!

Canon is surprising us once again and since the strong essences are held in little bottles, get ready for a big one! The compact EOS M, (first CMS i.e. Compact System Camera) is ready to transform the video experience into…Continue Reading →

Samsung MV900F Makes Your Photos Fabulous!

This only keeps getting better and better! Samsung has recently brought into our lives the MV900F which reinvents the entire concept of taking a picture. The absolute feature, called Gesture Shot allows you to zoom and take pictures using a…Continue Reading →

Sony and the Waterproof GW55VE!

You never realize how important a waterproof camera is until you find yourself into a situation in which you have to take photographs underwater. If we are to think at the world we are living in, we can say that…Continue Reading →

Leica strikes at Photokina in September!

  The year hasn’t even began and the shows are starting to pour. Photokina is a photography show which will be held between 18th to 23rd September 2012 in Germany, its home country. The main star of the show will…Continue Reading →

The Mini-Metallic Tripod for perfect pictures!

Pictures play a very important part in our lives, helping us capture unique moments and preserving our memories for a very long time. But things tend to complicate especially in the case of group pictures because there is no one…Continue Reading →

Sony develops MHS-FS3 3D Bloggie Video Camera

Sony creates a user-friendly video camera with slim design and sleek finish that you can use for your artistic vision. Features dual lenses, a 5MP CMOS sensor, SteadyShot image stabilization, Face Detection, HDMI output with 3D support, 8Gb of internal…Continue Reading →

World’s Smallest Camera

Technology rises once again to tell us size doesn’t matter. We’re still not convinced but we’ll give it a shot… or take a shot, with the world’s smallest camera (I can finally pass that exam now). This mini camera acts…Continue Reading →

Delicious Fuuvi Chocolate Digital Camera

Chocolate has been known to be a sanctuary to women for several reasons (a form of compensation for certain needs that haven’t been met, depression, obsessive compulsive behavior). Because chocolate knows how to leave its mark on a woman’s body,…Continue Reading →