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Samsung Galaxy S7 – All You Need To Know

Samsung is considering a number of different heat pipe shapes and styles for Galaxy S7, though it should have a final decision by the end of the year. We just hope this doesn’t end up delaying the Galaxy S7 from…Continue Reading →

Vodafone ditches Phones4u to go all in with Dixons Carphone

Dixons Carphone is only (officially) a month old, but it’s already dealt a huge blow to one of its rivals. In its battle to provide UK consumers with the best value smartphone deals, the newly-formed company today announced that it’s…Continue Reading →

HTC Rezound

Android phones are a popular choice among consumers. One Android-operated phone that is worthy of consideration is the HTC Rezound which you can get from phones4u. This phone has some terrific features that many Android fans have chosen. The HTC…Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Note Comes in Pink!

Since my phone is starting to show clear signs of deterioration, I think it is time to buy a new one. And since technology is not my strongest feature, I thought I could browse the Internet for something cute. And…Continue Reading →

Fully Equipped Touch Screen Android Cell Phone

Combination, combination, combination! If you do this you will definitely get something amazing and multifunctional as the Touch Screen Android 2.2 Quadband Cell Phone. We get from the title the type of gadget this is. Beautiful and fully equipped, this…Continue Reading →

BlackBerry Curve Holster

Blackberry Curve Holster is an elegant way to protect your Blackberry phones. With a premium leather finish, it is a unique blend of convenience and elegance. With this around, you can adjust the phone settings, depending on whether or not…Continue Reading →

The Thinnest Phone Ever!

Nowadays everyone’s fighting to be thin and gorgeous. Even the telephones. The new MEDIAS ES N-05D, manufactured by the Japanese company NEC, has registered an incredible performance of  only 6.7 mm. But besides its gorgeous look that also includes 3…Continue Reading →

Nokia Sold 1.5 Billion Series 40 Phones

This is a guest post written by Amelia Hunter. Do you think that Nokia’s feature phones aren’t popular anymore? Do you think everybody prefers buying smartphones now? Of course, S40 phones aren’t as cool as the latest Android phones like…Continue Reading →