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iPhone DNS changing information

We’ve all experienced longer-than usual waits at the doctor’s or dentist office, and the reading material usually is a topic in which we have little interest. Not to mention the fact that the reading material is usually at least 5 years…Continue Reading →

Super USB Car Charger

Super USB Car Charger from Momax is perfect to charge your iPad or iPad 2 whilst you are in the car. How many of you have used the iPad until you run out of battery and you found that you…Continue Reading →

Best HTC S Charger With Multiple Features!

HTC has become like the air that we breathe: everywhere and indispensable! And since there are so many people owning one, this idea of a charger especially made for HTC might actually come in handy. This HTC S Dual Desktop…Continue Reading →

Invisible Protection for Your iPhone 4!

Falls are unpredictable. Especially those of your favorite gadget. The pain, the horror of seeing it all over the floor, is sometimes unbearable. So, as a little suggestion we offer you the  InvisibleSHIELD Protector  for iPhone 4. As its name…Continue Reading →

New iPhone 5 Is Coming to Town!

We have been delighted with their appearances each year and we have enjoyed their thin bodies and multiple functions, but now is time to move to another level. Is coming, is coming, is here have no fear: It is the…Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S III with Fabulous Features!

The world is moving on so fast and we have to keep up with its wonders.  So the arrival of the new  Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone to the European market couldn’t have come at a better moment. Actually, the…Continue Reading →