Cycle Your Way Through Life!

                  Using a bicycle is the perfect way to spend your free time or do some exercise. But what happens when you have to use your bicycle every day, and sometimes you are too tired too pedal? Thank God eCortina v2 was invented! This is an electric…

Cool Gadgets

Boob Cushtie

It’s a wide known fact that men are attracted by everything that revolves around women. But what seems to be their main focus is their boobies. Probably because they represent both maternal affection and sexual desire, so they combine the 2 representative sides of a man: childish and manly. The original Boob Cushtie is designed…

Gadgets for Men

Ice Glass Shot Maker

Summer is here and many of us need extra help in order to keep up with the hot weather. And what better remedy for that, than let’s say, frozen shots. The amazing Ice Glass Shot Maker is perfect for a summer party because you can create interesting mixtures which you can further on serve as…

Gadgets for Men

Philips SensoTouch 3D Review

I don’t know about you, but every time I think about buying a present for my father or my boyfriend, I get a headache. I simply have no idea what to buy them, since I have already exhausted all my options. Perfumes, clothing items, jewelry (less, because I haven’t won the lottery yet, but still,…

Gadgets for Men

Wii Fit Workout Accessories

This kit includes weights and balance board stepper. It is a gaming accessory for men that help them in shading weight and keeping fit. You use the Wii weights that change the remote into dumbbells. They increase equal weight at the edges of the remote without interfering with the controller’s button, strap and IR function….

Gadgets for Men

Twilight Tracer Flashing Golf Ball

This is a gadget strictly made for men. It is the latest gadget in the GFM Towers better than the incred remote control golf ball. The main purpose of the twilight tracer is to enhance your visibility in order to find your ball while playing in poor lighting. This prevents golf players from missing their…

Gadgets for Men

Jeans For Geeks

Those who like carrying their iPhones or iPod with them need jeans for the geeks for easy portability. They are custom-made jeans with sizeable and special pockets that can fit iPhones of various sizes. You no longer need to hook them on your belt as this does not look fashionable. You can carry them in…