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Recent Inventions Humanity Can Be Proud Of

Unfortunately, we haven’t found the way how to regenerate lost limbs, teleport from one place to another, and fly to Saturn on weekends. But it doesn’t mean that science makes no headway. It does have something to boast about. Here…Continue Reading →

How a Hot App Can Save you Tons

If you love using your cell phone to enhance your quality of life, you are going to love this next shopping trip from one of our pro shoppers. Everybody loves saving money, so using your cell phone to save you…Continue Reading →

The Next Steps In Home Entertainment

Technology is constantly changing. It can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. Will we be watching tv on massive screens or headsets? Is virtual reality gaming nearly within our grasp? The future holds many possibilities, and it…Continue Reading →

How Television Will Change In The Future

Most of you will know a little about the evolution of TV and how it became such a strong force in our lives. However, little is understood about the way in which the industry is progressing at the current time….Continue Reading →

New Eruption at Alaska’s Pavlof Intensifies

Over the weekend, a small eruption began at Alaska’s Pavlof. Now it seems like that eruption has begun to intensify, with new reports from pilots near the volcano saying that the plume now reaches more than 6.5 km (22,000 feet)…Continue Reading →

WIRED Space Photo of the Day

[HTML1]Every day, we find another awesome photo of space for you. Open the gallery in full-screen for higher resolution and descriptions. Follow us on Twitter.

Nature Zen: Fireflies

NatureZen: Bits of the outdoors to make you say “Wow!” while you’re stuck at the computer.

Measuring the Complexity of the Law

Our legal codes are complicated technologies, growing and becoming more interconnected over time. But how complicated are our laws? In a working paper titled “Measuring the Complexity of the Law: The United States Code”, Daniel Katz and Michael Bommarito of…Continue Reading →

Be cool on social networks

Do you have money? Show your power of social networks. Nothing is new, so Donald Trump’s daughter, Tiffany appeared on her plane’s wing on Instagram personal page. Tiffany Trump has 19 years old and enjoys his famous father money without…Continue Reading →