A Kingdom for My …..iPad!

Some like iPads, some consider them useful and some simply adore them and want to dedicate an entire section in the New York Times for them. And others simply create shrines to the iPad of their dreams, simply because, well……they…Continue Reading →

Experience Motherhood with the Pregnancy Simulator

Being pregnant is definitely a „girl’s thing”, but sometimes we would wish that men know what we are dealing with. Thanks to a Japanese institute, called Kanagawa Institute of Technology everyone is now able to feel the „labors of pregnancy”….Continue Reading →

Tron Scooter For Your Little Driver

Kids love to play with all kinds of toys or machines that arouse their curiosity and develop their creative spirit. The fabulous Tron Scooter is excellent for those who want to buy their children a cool gadget. With only two…Continue Reading →

Discover the Joy of Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii returns with new surprises. This new project is supposed to be released in UK somewhere before Christmas and the best thing about it, is that the producers have opted for a horizontal position instead of the old, vertical…Continue Reading →

Slim Clip Wallet

              I have always considered that having a wallet is for grown-ups because that meant that they had to fill it with credit cards, money, ID, driving license etc. And now, having my own…Continue Reading →

Control your smartphone with a ring-Ringbow

Designed by some Israeli guys, Efrat Barit and Saar Shai, the Ringbow may very well become the ultimate accessory for our smartphones. It definitely changes the way we can interact with touch-screens, hand-gestures recognition devices and augmented reality. The Ringbow…Continue Reading →

Nokia’s Latest Design Concept: Nenya Ring

Nokia is working on a way for you to access your phone calls through a high-tech ring (Lord of the Rings much?). I’m pretty sure those Finnish wonder-boys loved dressing up as Frodo and Gollum. Easily accessible, discreet, wireless and…Continue Reading →

Cool iPod Nano Watch

An iPod Nano watch seems to be a great idea, that’s why Scott Wilson wants to design it with 2 amazing bands with real multi-touch. If you don’t know who Scott Wilson is, I should tell you that he is…Continue Reading →

The iWatch Device

This is the new iWatch specially created for iPhone users and not only. It easy to use and handle and has a special design. iWatch features: – Aluminium body – WiFi and Bluetooth – Integrated RSS Reader – 16GB; –…Continue Reading →