When the Milk is Getting Sour……

The following news reflects so well the problem with which I am confronting myself constantly, that I felt the need to share it with you. I bet you had experienced the issue of the spoiled milk and you keep wondering…Continue Reading →

Voicepic Lets Your Pictures Talk!

It is simply amazing how, a couple of decades ago we were using a piece of coal to capture „pictures” and now we can take photos even with our glasses. It is absolutely unbelievable. And the following application will surprise…Continue Reading →

Nintendo 3DS+Louvre= Good Combination

In case that you find yourself in Paris and plan to visit the Louvre Museum, we have a suggestion that might turn out to be even better than a guide. Since it is so much history in this place you…Continue Reading →

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for 2011 Xperia

Now that summer is coming (I know I have said that before, but be patient, it will come soon), you will have the chance to be surrounded by a loooot of ice cream. I mean it! Not only because of…Continue Reading →

Yellow Kenwood Boutique Range Filter Coffee Maker

Yellow Kenwood Boutique Range Filter Coffee Maker Features: Anti-drip device 6 cup capacity Glass carafe Cup warming plate On/Off button Sure Hold handle 750 ml water tank Housing material: Aluminium, Stainless steel. Buy this Kenwood Coffee Maker with only 64.97…Continue Reading →