Portable Solar Panel For The Environment!

Since nature is our friend, why not use the elements given to us for free, instead of ruining the our world and health looking for others? I just love the amazing  Solariffic Portable Solar Panel, because it helps you charge…Continue Reading →

Groovy Hi-Five Watch!

Usually I don’t wear a watch because I am afraid to break it or lose it or other stuff like these, but with this Hi Five LED watch, I could really go for it. This groovy device is inspired by the…Continue Reading →

It is like magic!

Not even magic is pure anymore.At least this is what we understand from the Party Magic Coin Disappearance Magic Performance Tool which, despite its very long name, has a pretty basic task. The coin of the spectator disappears from the…Continue Reading →

Cute Needle Threader

Sewing is a lost art nowadays and many believe that they have no interest in learning about this. But are they right? Isn’t it better to know to do something and not need it rather than not knowing and needing…Continue Reading →

Farting Obama Doll!

The beauty of being an American citizen is that you can do many „innocent” things without being accused of murder or other weird crimes. For example, you can make fun of your president and not be dragged into court. Let’s…Continue Reading →

Party Hard With Party Rats!

  Going to parties is something more than normal nowadays and having the right outfit or accessories is something even more important than the party itself. The Party Rats are the perfect example in this case.These are multi-colored rodent lights…Continue Reading →

Tips for Contact Lens Care

Let’s begin with something stupid and obvious: we have just one pair of eyes so we need to be careful about the choice of contact lenses. Alright, with that thing clear, let’s begin with some contact lens handling tips. •…Continue Reading →

Protective Case for your iPhone 4

  Since iPhone is the new gadget that took over the world, it is only natural that we try to protect this expensive investment the best we can. This is why the Protective Silicone Case for iPhone 4 has had…Continue Reading →

About watches and the Dark Samurai!

And here is The Dark Samurai! It has nothing to do with Tom Cruise or his  movie but it does remind us of the honor and commitment of our ancestors. It preserves the spirit of the ancient legend which said…Continue Reading →