Nokia and Angry Birds Fans:Get Ready!

I have always considered Nokia to be a serious and professional company, therefore all my phones until now have been signed by it, and I can honestly say, that I have had my last one, for over 5 years now…Continue Reading →

Google Reinvents the TechnoGlasses!

I thought I have seen a lot of things in this life, but apparently, I was wrong. The latest gadget invented by the guys at Google will definitely surprise you. Google´s Project Glasses are the ultimate style in technology since…Continue Reading →

The Origami Stroller for Smart Mommies!

Mommies, mommies you have it so easy nowadays! Since Mother’s Day was  right around the corner, at the Ellen’s Mother’s Day Show, almost 400 pregnant mommies received great gifts, among which an interesting high tech baby carrier. Known under the…Continue Reading →

Urbanears Headphones:Denim Never Goes Out of Style!

The guy who invented the denim, should probably receive a medal. Besides, the yearly billion of dollars, worldwide recognition and everyday wear, you know? Denim is so cool that it even began to be used for other stuff too, like…Continue Reading →

Sleep Well With the In-Ear Earplugs!

I recently moved in with a roommate that has a very weird sleeping schedule. She is more of an owl, wasting her nights and sleeping until noon, and since the flat is very small and the walls are thin, you…Continue Reading →

Be a Sexy Beast With the Leopard Case!

  Leopard never goes out of style, right? So why not check out this Protective Leather Case, with a Brown Leopard design? Aside from the fact that it is made specifically for your iPad and has the best leather material, this…Continue Reading →

Elegant Case, Perfect For Your iPhone4

Everyone is looking now, for the proper protection for their gadget. Those of you who are parents of a multifunctional iPhone can be relieved because I have the perfect solution: the iPhone 4S / 4 Leather Style Flip Case –…Continue Reading →

Extra-Protection for Your Baby iPhone 4!

We are ready to start our week with wonderful and high expectations right? Then let’s start it with this useful Case Protector for your iPhone 4! It fits your precious phone like a glove and has a crystal-clear film that…Continue Reading →

The Amazing iPhone- 4S Photography

  Gadgets exist to make our lives easier and better, right? So the fact that they are in a continuous development should only please us and make us want more and more. The same thing goes for this iPhone Lens…Continue Reading →