ML12 Bluetooth Headset: Fabulous and Practical!

The smartphones have made our lives much easier, but it is important to evolve and accept things that can make our lives even easier. Is it possible? Well, you tell me! The ML12 Bluetooth Headset from Plantronics is the best…Continue Reading →

Listen to Music While Driving with VFM Transmitter and Universal Music Player!

We just love the way technology has evolved, don’t we? I know I do. I never had the time to gather some good CDs for my car, so I won’t get bored while I am driving, so I am still…Continue Reading →

Invisible Protection for Your iPhone 4!

Falls are unpredictable. Especially those of your favorite gadget. The pain, the horror of seeing it all over the floor, is sometimes unbearable. So, as a little suggestion we offer you the  InvisibleSHIELD Protector  for iPhone 4. As its name…Continue Reading →