BlackBerry Curve Holster

BlackBerry Curve Leather Holster Black

Blackberry Curve Holster is an elegant way to protect your Blackberry phones. With a premium leather finish, it is a unique blend of convenience and elegance. With this around, you can adjust the phone settings, depending on whether or not it’s in the holster. When the device is on, the screen is automatically shutoff, to extend battery life.

It is a perfectly engineered plastic case within, to ensure the optical pad isn’t damaged. With a rich black finish, it can suit any color, or apparel. The design by itself is elegant and suits both traditional and modern attire.

BlackBerry Curve Leather Holster Black

Other features include:

-Swivel Clip for ultimate comfort
-Can be securely clasped to belt, or pocket.
-Can be rotated vertically, horizontally or to other degrees, for ultimate comfort
-Lambskin leather, for premium and elegant finish
-Proximity sensors

BlackBerry Curve Leather Holster Black

Priced only at £16.95, this is an excellent choice for proud Blackberry Owners, who want to ensure their device is protected, enhanced and yet, prefer to do it with style. Manufactured by a reputed company, this comes with an iron-clad 30-Days Money Back Guarantee and one year Warranty. For those intending to buy this as a Gift or other Blackberry accessories, want to send it to their loved ones immediately, same day shipping can be done. What more, can one ever ask for?

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