Become Friends With the Electronic Hook Scale!

Recently I had to travel to another country in order to visit some relatives. And like any other housewife that respects herself, I had no scale in my house to weight my luggage.

So, after going shameful, to knock on my neighbor’s door, I promised myself that I will definitely buy one as soon as I get back. I start looking and here it is: the Digital Electronic Weighing Hook Scale.

Originally it was destined for the kitchen, but since it can hold up to 50 kg, I am sure that you can use it in other ways too.

The thing is very simple, it is black, made of plastic, and an LCD screen display with a blue light. It turns off automatically after 1 minute and you only need 2 AAA batteries to make it work.

It costs $20 and it is very useful in a crisis like this!


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