Awesome Android 4.0 Tablet!

From what I have seen, tablets are really fashionable nowadays, so maybe you should take a look at the following item that promises a lot!

But let´s start with the beginning. This gadget is a 7013 model, operating on an Android 4.0 with a 4GB capacity and a maximum card capacity of 32 GB. In addition to this, it also features other functions like Bluetooth,G-Sensor,Voice Recorder and various networks like WiFi,External 3G.

The battery´s type is Li-ion polymer, so no worries there and the screen is a 7 inch multi touch screen. So no worries about the design either.

You can check it out on the source site and I assure you that it is an offer worth looking, since the selling price starts at $87.

Good luck!


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