Adding wireless charging to the Nintendo Switch Lite is surprisingly easy

One of the upgrades Nintendo didn’t add to its new OLED Switch was wireless charging, but as a YouTubes Robotanv discovered, at least with the Switch Lite, the console does Qi Compatible was a fairly trivial hack with minimal soldering and extra parts worth about $ 14.

Robotanv has been upgrading devices with the convenience of wireless charging for around nine years, since 2012 when they broken open an iPhone 4s and made it compatible with wireless charging pads. ple didn’t officially add wireless charging to its smartphones until the iPhone X in 2017. Given the tiny iPhones that used to be, doing this upgrade on the iPhone 4s required some very fine and precise soldering, but the same upgrade for the Nintendo Switch Lite Bulbs is a much easier process.

USB-C is an open standard, which meant it was relatively easy to find a Qi wireless receiver that is compatible with charging the Switch Lite. Robotanv has chosen a che MyMax receiver that can be found on Amazon for about $ 14. After Robotanv stripped the receiver’s USB-C connector down to the bare wires and removed the charging coil from a protective cover to make it as thin as possible, Robotanv was able to quickly solder the receiver to a couple of easily accessible additional test pads, the Nintendo had included for the console’s power pins.

No modifications were required to the back of the Switch Lite either, Robotanv simply attached the Qi receiver to it, reassembled the console, and if dropped onto a wireless charging pad, the Electricity began to flow. YouTube commenters have raised concerns that the additional Qi hardware could restrict the airflow required for cooling inside the Switch Lite, but Robotanv has not seen any performance issues with the console since the upgrade. It takes about three hours to fully charge the Switch Lite and it comes off the pad a little warm afterwards (like most smartphones), but otherwise the meat pears should have worked perfectly. However, if you want to try it yourself, follow the advice of another YouTube commenter and unplug the Switch Lite’s battery before soldering to the power connectors.