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FAIL TOY Gene Simmons from the Rock Band KISS Plasma Funny Video Lamp Review. A Cool Kiss Electronics device Product Review Video by Mike Michael Mozart Your Toy and Product Guru of JeepersMedia Jeepers Media, Bringing You The Funny Games Gadgets and Gizmo videos from yesterday and today.Hi……Thank You for watching my Funny Toy and Product Review videos! I am Michael Mike Mozart, Your Toy and Product review Guru of Jeepers Media The Best Comedy Funny Video Channel on You Tube!

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  1. están muy bien los videotutoriales , pero…
    ¿ podriais hacerlos tambien en castellano ? es que yode ingles ni papa ¡ oye !

  2. i understand everything despite not knowing English very well
    looks so easy to do, i’ll try to put the gatget in my blog to make it more useful…
    thanks for your help 😉

  3. Que bruto que eres.

    En ingles, es: I don’t speak english.

    En portugues: Eu não falo Inglês.

    Y en italiano: Io non parlo l’inglese.

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